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Recent Updates

Sunday 8th May 2016:
My solutions to the Sunday Express General Knowledge Prize Crossword, and the Mail on Sunday Prize crossword.

Sunday 24th April 2016:
The Brats "Joke".

The Osprey Hotel

A small family run hotel situated in the heart of Kingussie, next to the Duke of Gordon Gardens.

The Village Inn, Kirtlebridge

Affordable, dog friendly B&B in south west Scotland.

Hutch the Dog

Yep! Our dogs very own website...... :-)

Holiday Caravan for hire in Orkney

Holiday caravan situated in rolling farmland in the West Mainland of Orkney.



Hallo. This site is essentially a gallery of some of our photographs from Scotland, and includes the Orkney Islands. Orkney, for those that don't know, is a group of islands six miles across the Pentland Firth from Caithness in north east Scotland. Some of the photographs were taken up to twenty or so years ago, others are more recent, so they have "progressed" from traditional SLR film cameras to digital; Canon DSLR's, Panasonic Bridge camera, Olympus compact and underwater, and JVC video camera, and a mini video camera, occasionally coupled to a Sky-Watcher Explorer telescope. Any (minimal) editing is performed using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and/or Adobe Lightroom/Canon DPP. Hutch the Dog isn't all that interested in photography (unless they're pictures of him!), because his paws are too large for the buttons, so all the photographs were taken by myself, my wife, or our granddaughter (19), whose occasional "jokes" are featured as well, unfortunately. Sorry!

Some of you may have noticed (and some of you may have not) a link to our dogs website on the left. And on the right. Yes, I know, daft aren't we (barking, in fact)... Hutch is an Old English Mastiff, who was 8 years (not 8 months Hutch!) young on 24th November, two days after my own birthday! There's a list of dog friendly Pubs, Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts (in Scotland), as well as photographs and video currently on his site. There are also links on the left to some photographs; of Scotland, Orkney, Egypt and Cambodia.

InverarayI will also attempt to upload my solutions to the Sunday Express General Knowledge Prize Crossword and the Mail on Sunday Prize Crossword, usually by about 10.00pm (UK time) on the Sunday in question. I cannot guarantee to do so, and I make no guarantee that I've got them correct. Though I did win £25.00 once...........


for visiting our website. We hope that you like our photographs, or even the "Joke". If you are only here for an elusive crossword answer, (or even all the answers as some do :-( ), then good luck should you enter the competition(s). Puffin

Please feel free to download any photograph from this site, for personal, educational, or other non-commercial use. For any other purpose, please ASK first.