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Recent Updates

Sunday 17th August 2014:
My solutions to the Sunday Express General Knowledge Prize Crossword, and the Mail on Sunday Prize crossword.

Sunday 16th March 2014:
The Brats "Joke".

Occasional Special Feature

The Pale Blue Dot

The Village Inn, Kirtlebridge

Affordable, dog friendly B&B in south west Scotland.

Hutch the Dog

Yep! Our dogs very own website...... :-)

Kringla Holiday Apartments for hire in Orkney

Three 4 bed holiday apartments for hire in Dounby, Orkney Islands

Holiday Caravan for hire in Orkney

Holiday caravan situated in rolling farmland in the West Mainland of Orkney.


My solution to the Sunday Express General Knowledge £1000 Crossword.

Competition 16072, Sunday 17th August 2014.